Rustic Wedding Cake Toppers Design with Personalization

Rustic wedding cake toppers have distinctive design than other cake toppers. Just like what you know about rustic style, the cake topper looks beautiful. Even, it can be more romantic than other styles. It depends on how you will design and decorate it. You have so many options here for the designs and ideas to decorate the cake toppers. You can be creative here to personalize the cake toppers with your own designs and ideas. Look at more rustic wedding cake gallery to see more options.

Indeed, the easiest idea to find more designs of the rustic cake toppers with rustic style is by exploring more images. There are many cake toppers designed with so wonderful designs. It depends on what you like most. If you ask a help of a wedding cake designer, you will be offered with various rustic wedding cake toppers. You can pick the toppers with a design you like. The designer will make the best toppers as this is for your big day. So, you can ask the designer to make the cake toppers as what he or she offers.

Then, if you want these rustic wedding cake toppers more personal, you can tell the designer to personalize the cake toppers with something that you really want. See more ideas of personalized wedding cake toppers then you can be inspired. You can pick letters of initial name of you and your partner. It is like L for Leslie and D for Daniel. Letters of L and D can become the toppers. Yup, it is by rustic style where it looks traditional and natural.

Therefore, any rustic wedding cake ideas and designs you see, most of them are colored in brown or just like a color of wood. Rustic style is close to traditional style. Something traditional looks more natural from the material to color. So, just like what you can see from these rustic wedding cake toppers, you see the toppers have traditional accents with natural color of wood. It looks beautiful to pair the color of the topper with the color of the cake.

Explore more images of rustic wedding cake toppers. Find more designs and ideas you like most. You can try DIY ideas to personalize the cake topper as what you want. The wedding cake looks wonderful when you finish it with beautiful and personalized topper. It is just like what you can look at the designs and ideas from the images. Find more inspirations here.

Top Wedding Dress Designers for the Best Wedding Dress

All brides want to wear the best dress made of one of the top wedding dress designers. The question is how to choose the best one as each of them has their own characters. To get the most beautiful wedding dresses, it is actually a subjective area where each of you may have different opinion. However, if you want to find the list of the top designer, you will see Marchesa in the first position. Then, Pronovias is second. Ines di Santo is in third position. Peter Langner is fourth and Reem Acra is fifth.

From number six to ten of the top wedding dress designers are Jenny Packham, Hayley Paige, Carolina Herrera, Angel Sanchez and Vera Wang. This position can change depending on what you value from them. It is because they have their own power and characters. For example, if you value the top wedding dress designers 2015 from the season such as summer or winter then you can find different list of the top designers. So, it is quite difficult to find the best one for the current time.

However, as long as they are the top wedding dress designers, at least you know where to go to find the best dress for your big day. The top 10 of the best designers above have their own touches in finishing the dresses. So, you can consider what the best finish you really want. You can consider the budget of the dresses. Each designer also set different price tag for each dress. You need to be more selective to get the best one from the best designer with the best price.

If you look at the collections of top wedding dress designers 2014 to 2015, you will see really wonderful wedding dresses made by many designers. These wedding dresses are perfect as they are made by the best designers. So, when you pick one of them to wear at the wedding, beauty is all over you in your wedding. You can feel proud as the dress you wear is made by one of the top wedding dress designers.

For guests who are up-to-date with the fashion of wedding dress, they will easily recognize the designer of the dress you are wearing. This gives you certain feeling starting from being proud to wear the dress that is made of the top designer to feel more confident as you wear the dress that has certain number of price tag as each of top wedding dress designers has their own standard in pricing.

Royal Blue Wedding Shoes to Perfect Your Classy Wedding

Just how you say the words, royal blue wedding shoes, you have understood that this is about classy and elegant wedding shoes. Blue is rich color. It is a color that has expensive accent. Adding with royal word, it makes blue color looks classier. So, royal blue color is more than classy but also expensive and elegant. These royal blue wedding shoes for bride make her look perfect. You just need to make sure the shoes color looks perfect to pair with the dress. This is important to consider before picking the shoes.

Royal blue wedding shoes have distinctive color, design, and style. This makes the shoes always amazing even just from the color of royal blue accent. Furthermore if the shoes have elegant designs with sophisticated decoration, then these wedding shoes can be really amazing. Here, you have a large variety of designs and styles. So, you can find the best one with the design you like most. The decorations applied on the shoes also give impressions.

For the designs, you can consider royal blue wedding high heels. For you who have been usual wearing high heels hoes, then these wedding shoes will not become a problem. You can even feel more comfortable wearing the heels. Your comfort is the top priority here because when you don’t feel comfortable in wearing these royal blue wedding shoes you will be lack of confidence. This is what you need to do. Select the shoes with the usual design that your feet have been familiar with.

If you prefer royal blue wedding shoes low heel to high heel, you can find it in the market. There is a large variety of designs of these royal blue wedding shoes. Low heel can be more comfortable and it will not give you any worries especially for you who are learning on wearing shoes with high or low heel. However, if you pick these shoes, they give you a classier look. So, it is not only about the style but also comfort that you will feel.

You can also find these shoes in flat designs. It makes you easier in walking. You don’t need to worry about anything here because flat shoes can ensure your comfort. It can be more comfortable if you can find the shoes with the right size. The right size will ensure your feet are not blister. Don’t forget about other designs, styles and decorations that are applied to finish these royal blue wedding shoes impressively.

Classy Silver Shoes for Wedding for Bride to Wear

Silver shoes for wedding are classy. These shoes make the bride looks perfect. A bride should have a perfect look as she will be the center of attention in a wedding. This includes what the bride wears for her big day. So, it is not only about her wedding dress but also for the jewelries, hairstyles, makeup to her shoes. For the shoes, these silver wedding shoes for bride make her look so wonderful. It is because the shoes look great with her wedding dress. It looks match.

This is what you need to consider when you are selecting the right wedding shoes. You need shoes that fit to your wedding dress from the colors to the designs. This is what you need to consider first before you select the shoes with the designs, styles, and material you like. For you who have white wedding dresses, then these silver shoes for wedding are the perfect choice. For other dress colors, you need to do mix and match idea and see is the wedding dress color you have look great with silver color.

Then, you can move to the design and style of the silver shoes for wedding. There are a wonderful collection of shoes for wedding with silver color. You will find wedding flats for bride that has classy designs. Classy design looks sophisticated with silver color. The accents added to the shoes just like something sparkly on the shoes also make the shoes look more wonderful. Classy wedding shoes can be seen from how they are designed and finished. Just look at the silver color where it is a wonderful color to pick.

The designs of silver shoes for wedding can be with high heels or in flat. It depends on what you like most as each of you has your own reference when you are valuing high heels or silver wedding pumps. If you are usually with high heels, then high heel wedding shoes are more comfortable than flat or pumps design. Your comfort is the top priority as whether or not you can feel more confident depends on how you will feel the shoes when you are wearing them.

So, the right size of the shoes is important to make sure your comfort when you are wearing these shoes. You can walk more confidently at the wedding when the shoes are comfortable as it has the right size. The right material selected to build these silver shoes for wedding also influence the comfort. You need to be more selective here in finding the best one.

Beautiful Navy Blue Wedding Shoes to Complete Your Perfect Look

Navy blue wedding shoes, a great companion for your flawless wedding dress. Wait up! This is not exaggerating since wedding shoes in navy blue will do nothing but expose the beauty of wedding dress. Either it is white wedding dress or matching blue one, wedding shoes in navy color will do it right. These dark blue wedding court shoes can be the perfect choice for any of you who need to put some colors but white in your wedding. Do mix and match ideas to make sure the shoes look great with your dress.

It is also said that there is nothing much better than navy blue when you are talking about something blue to the wedding shoes. These navy blue wedding shoes are really wonderful from the color to the designs and styles. Navy blue shoes make your dress look playful. These shoes are also attractive. You look so gorgeous with these shoes on your feet. The colors give you more beautiful look. Navy blue is indeed beautiful. This color can draw more attentions. Adding with designs and styles of the shoes, it can be more.

You need to make sure these navy blue wedding shoes are also made of comfortable material. It is because you will become an attention at the wedding. And it is not only about what you wear at the wedding that can draw more attentions but also how you will walk. When you are comfortable with the shoes you wear, then you can work normally. It is different with a bride who wears uncomfortable shoes. It can be really frustrating. Even, it can ruin her wedding as she is difficult to walk or the feet blister.

Navy satin wedding shoes are comfortable. These shoes are soft on your feet. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about your movement with your feet. You will feel more comfortable wearing these navy blue wedding shoes with soft and light material. You need to make sure the material of the shoes before purchasing. This should be well considered as it is very crucial.

Then it is about the designs of the shoes. You can find navy blue flat wedding shoes. Flat wedding shoes can be more comfortable than high heel wedding shoes. Actually, it depends on what you like most. Each of you may have your own feelings when you are wearing high heel of flat wedding shoes. Here, you need to be more selective to find the best navy blue wedding shoes.

Wedding Checklist Template: Free, Customizable, and Printable

If you are on a quest of finding checklist template for your wedding, here is the place. You have all you want about wedding checklist template here. The template is free, customizable, and printable. Absolutely, if you are going to have a wedding, you need to make a plan. You should plan your wedding from A to Z. This is to reduce or avoid something that you don’t really want to happen at the wedding. Something unplanned can also ruin the wedding. You don’t want this happens, right? Then you need this wedding planning checklist to help you plan the wedding.

That is right that a wedding is one of the biggest days in your life. You will try your best to prevent any small mistake happens in your wedding day. It is also necessary to prepare everything so that you will not miss a thing. You can follow the plan from A to Z since months before the D-day. What you can see from this wedding checklist template is not only about plan but also a guideline so you just need to follow the template based on the date that has been listed there.

You can look at the free wedding to do list template that is started from several months before the wedding. Even, you can find a template that gives you full 12 months planning. This is not overwhelming remembering the wedding is a very crucial moment that you want everything planned and run successfully as what you have planned. Easy, this wedding checklist template is also customizable so you can customize it based on what you need.

Indeed, this template is not only free but also customizable. If you just want to download it, you can find it in PDF form. Otherwise, if you want to customize it, you can find this wedding checklist template in Excel form. It depends on what you like. Just be sure, this is also printable wedding checklist free. So, you can directly print it. Then you can show the template with a wedding organizer to help you customize the template to suit your needs.

You need this template. Here, there are some wonderful collections of checklist template. You can find the complete template with full 12 months. You can also find the template that starts from 3 months before the D-day. Remember that this is a guideline. You will follow the guide that has been listed on the template. Download, print or customize this wedding checklist template as what you want.

Beautiful Cocktail Dresses for Weddings as Guests

Cocktail dresses for weddings are good for guests to wear. These dresses are so beautiful and popular for guests to wear at the wedding. You can look at the huge collections of these dresses that show you a large variety of designs, styles colors, and size. It proves that these dresses are the top favorite choice for guest to wear at the wedding. Each wedding dress designer also has their own collections to these wedding guest dresses. It is just about finding the best one.

Look at from the design first. Any designs you like most, you will find the best one. It is because of the wide selections offered by many wedding dress designers. Even, it can be little bit confusing as all of the collections of cocktail dresses for weddings come with beautiful designs. However, you need to be more selective in finding the best one that fits to your body and looks great with your look. It may need couple times to find the best one from the awesome collections here.

Then, let’s talk about the style. Cocktail dresses for weddings come with various styles. If you love the trendiest style, you can look at the latest collections. In 2014 or 2015 collections, you can find the best cocktail dresses that look great. But, it doesn’t mean you cannot find the best one from the collections of cocktail dresses for weddings 2013. So, it depends on the style you love more. It can be classic to modern. The style you select can determine your look even show your class.

Colors are in the next list. You want to wear beautiful cocktail dresses for weddings, right? Then you will not forget about the colors of the dresses. Each color shows certain feeling. Pink color looks very sweet and feminine. White color looks beautiful and classy. There are also other colors you may love. The easiest way to find the best one from the colors is by looking at more images of these dresses.

The last is about the size. This can be the most crucial one when you are selecting the best cocktail dresses. For you who have slim body, it doesn’t matter about the size as what dresses you find in the market are cut and sized by slim size. However, if you have plus size, you don’t need to worry as you have more collections of cocktail dresses for weddings plus size. By doing some tips here, you can find the best dress you can wear at the wedding. And it gives you greater chance to steal everyone’s attention with your cocktail dresses for weddings.

Can Pink Diamond Wedding Rings Be Affordable?

Do you know the fact that the demand of Pink Diamond Wedding Rings is growing by days? Many women are now interested to buy pink diamond wedding ring to replace their traditional white diamond solitaire ring. This popularity results in many varieties of colors of fancy colored diamond wedding rings and fancy shaped diamond wedding ring with some various setting and styles.

How much are pink diamonds? When you are asking, it is quite expensive because it is quite rare. This kind of wedding rings is more expensive than white diamonds and other gemstones. But, you can take a look at some ways in buying Pink Diamond Wedding Rings in a pocket-friendly price. You can choose small pink diamond set with smaller white diamonds instead of buying a big solitaire pink diamond wedding ring. It is used to create magnificent engagement ring. The small accent of white diamonds can add more sparkle to the ring and it also emphasizes the pink color of center diamond in a very beautiful style and design. This way also allows you to have engagement ring in your limited budget.

Well, another way is that you can choose light pink diamond engagement ring that are treated one type. Compared to natural Pink Diamond Wedding Rings, the treated ones are more affordable. Color treatment is done to enhance the color of pink diamond. Besides, it reduces the price of stone drastically of course. Treated pink color diamond is also durable, so you do not have to feel worry. It is also disclosed. It is very hard to distinguish the natural one and the treated colored stone.

Well, ladies, if you are a pink lover, you can try this way by following what is trend now. Many women are becoming fond of pink sapphire wedding ring. Some couples also look for this pink sapphire wedding ring because it has its own unique beauty and it is affordable enough to be the alternative pink color choice.

If you choose diamond wedding ring in pink, you can get infinite options when you are choosing between pink diamond rings because there are many wide dimensions of mesmerizing hues and intensities to choose. It has variety from purplish pink to orangish pink and also brownish pink shades. Natural diamond can come about in variety of colors starting from white to various fancy colors. The diamonds become pink because of deformation in crystalline structure of stone. Well, the ones that are becoming more popular are champagne Pink Diamond Wedding Rings.

Funny or Romantic Wedding Vows You Choose?

Usually, Traditional wedding vows emphasizes on the religious aspect in the wedding day. Most people, usually Muslim, will take promise to do this and that based on Qur’an. Christians, mostly, will look at the bible to take some lines related to marriage, but what do you think of having other styles of wedding vows? For example, you can choose whether funny or romantic wedding vows for your wedding day.

If you think that you are not a romantic person, and it is hard to say romantic things, you feel it is quite silly maybe, you can choose funny wedding vows. There are many examples, one of them is that you say this: “I promise you to love you just like I love food, I promise you to love you as long as I live so better for you to pray to God every day that I’ll live longer if you want to be loved.” Well, or you can say, “I promise you not to remember things you don’t like such as my exes. What’s on my mind is now only you”.

If you do not want to have funny wedding vows, you might do choosing meaningful romantic wedding vows. You can say anything from your deepest heart. You can make your own. But sometimes, it is hard to think of romantic words though you are a romantic person. So, what about choosing a poem? Well, one example of meaningful romantic wedding vows is a poem for Anne Bradstreet entitled “To My Dear and Loving Husband” that was written for her husband. It was saying that there is no woman that is happiest than ever except her, because she is the husband’s wife. She says that in their marriage, she can’t repay his love. Heavens and God will repay her love.

Other example is romantic poem from William Shakespeare entitled “Shall I Compare Thee to the Summer”. This is about the beauty of a woman that cannot be compared even with the most wanted and waited season in Western belief, summer. By saying that, your bride will be very happy since she is convinced that she is the most beautiful woman ever for you.

The last option is that you can make a song as your romantic wedding vows. Some lines of romantic songs can be taken for wedding vows. There are abundant romantic verses from love songs that you can adopt as your wedding vows. Nevertheless, something that comes from your heart is much better and more appreciated than any other beautiful songs. So, which one you prefer, funny or romantic wedding vows?

Materials for Unique Mens Wedding Bands for Your Future Husband

It is sometimes quite difficult to choose wedding ring for your future husband. Men sometimes carelessly choose the wedding band only based on appearance. For example, they might choose Unique mens wedding bands, but they do not consider other things such as whether that unique design is appropriate and suitable for his lifestyle. Or else, they probably find black diamond mens wedding bands, but it does not fit his personality. Sometimes they might find titanium wedding rings, while you think that other metals are much better. So, these are things to consider when you are planning to buy wedding band for man.

The most important thing when you are picking unique mens wedding bands is about the metal that you have to choose. Why? It is simple because the metal that constructs the wedding ring can affect its comfort, appearance, and durability. Gold still becomes the most wanted and most popular choice for men’s wedding bands. You can choose whether it is white or yellow in color. Titanium wedding rings now are becoming popular, too. It is because titanium is the best in its durability. It has the hardest metal and the range of colors from silver to white.

There is another white metal that is called platinum. It is very dense and heavy-feeling. It is sometimes resemble to white gold bands, but actually platinum metals are more expensive and solid. However, its appearance is definitely worth your money. Good news, these kinds of metal can be cut off also during an emergency.

Other metal is tungsten. It is a new type of metal. It is also rapidly becoming more and more popular to be men’s wedding bands. It has relatively low price and tungsten is a gray-white color. The durability of this metal is also considered as the advantage of this new metal type. This is now becoming the Best mens wedding bands because it has a permanent polish and it makes this wedding men band constantly look new and shiny.

The other kind of metal is silver. It is one of the most expensive metals for unique mens wedding bands. It has a process of producing that is called oxidation, and the process can make silver sometimes turn into black. Because of this reasons, silver is not vey recommended for men wedding bands. In addition, when it is used for daily basic, it will easily turn into black. So, what metal is the best for you?